How to register and take part

How to register a Solo Rider and take part

The first step is to get a couple of friends to support you during your ride as you will need their help and engorgement during the 24hr's

Once you are ready to enter click the register button!


All Solo Riders will need to pay a fee of £10 each.

If you have any questions please email [email protected]

How to register a Team and take part

The first step is to get at least 1 Team Director, but we recommend 2 due to this being a 24hr event. The Team Director/s can be anyone from your Team, this means that they can ride in the event but when they are in charge of the team they must stay at the HQ at all times. You can have two riders as a Team Directors, where they take shifts/turns in being in charge of the Team. A Team Director MUST be on hand at all times for our event officials. The Team Director/s will be responsible for the Team and their riders. The Team Director/s will help to keep you fed and fueled for 24hours along with making sure every rider is safe to ride their bike!

Once you have a Team Director and up to 6 riders, your next task is to come up with a “clean” team name, remember that the team name will be on display for all to see!

Once you have decided on your Team name your Team Director will need to register first.

The Team Director will start the process of registering the Team on our partner’s website, where they will create the Team and set a password for the team and enter all team members email addresses. Once the team has been set up and the Team Director has completed their registration all team members will receive an email inviting them to be part of the team.

Team members will need the Team name and password to join the team. Once they have completed their registration the Team Director will be able to manage the team online.

All Team members who are riding in the event will need to pay a fee of £10 each. Up to 2 Team Directors are FOC after that they are chargeable at £10 each.

If you have any questions please email [email protected]

Event registration will close on April 1st 2018